Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hmmm. Let Me Think About That.


Carsten's feeding has perhaps turned the corner.... But we have seen so many momentary signs of progress only to later see a setback. He definitely is closer to taking every feed by bottle. Since last Tuesday at 3 pm, he has taken every bottle feed that he has been given. Still it is every other feed (4 hours apart initially, now scaled back to 3 hours).

At this point (three weeks now), we remain in the hospital to work on and improve his feeding to an acceptable level to go home. What is acceptable? We don't know. Regardless of how much he improves in bottle feeding and his ability to take all of those feeds, we probably will go home with feeding tube equipment. The question will be how much it will be used or will it be available to us if he would need it. Either way, we are ready to go home. I feel like we are in fourth grade waiting for the last month of school to end. Didn't those last few days and weeks seem like forever?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Look Mom. No Oxygen!

Sorry for the absence. And yet a lot has happened since Monday, 30 JUL. First, no nasal cannula! Carsten has been without the oxygen supplement for over a week now. Great news and one less cord/tube to deal with. He never really liked those prongs in his nose anyways, but who would. His breathing is good and we don't expect to go home with any oxygen supplement, whenever that will be.