Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carsten's 3rd birthday party!

Crazy us!

My good friend Sarah from grad school and her husband Joel and her daughter Makenna

Chad and Jeremy one of our friends living here from AR

Miss Brooke (Carsten's "girlfriend" from Kansas:)

I'm three!

Brooke's baby brother Alex and their dad Andy

Blue spongebob cupcakes courtesy of yours truly (okay so not as good as his first year cake but they tasted way better)

New to the east coast life

Whew!  Wow, finally a breather.  Okay so the last what 2 months have been literally crazy out of control this is seriously the first time I've sat down at the computer!  If you all know me you know one of my favorite movies is Overboard with Goldie Hawn, I know I know old and corny (I still cry at the end every time)!  But the last few days all I could think about was how I feel exactly like she did at the end of her first day working at the house and the three boys find her sitting on the couch and all she could say was bababa  ba  ba bababa.
You have to see the movie to understand:)

Anyway, yes we are finally SETTLED in North Virginia in a little suburb called Burke.  I absolutely LOVE it here, my only complaint so far is there are NO drive throughs anywhere, nada.  Welcome back to city life I suppose.  It's just too hard with two kids to just "stop by" and grab a coffee, boo, oh well I've had to resort to my faithful Folgers.  Chad's commute isn't too horrible (yet) and we've already got Carsten started in all of his therapies.  We've have a ton of doctors appointments and school paperwork to turn in trying to get his IEP (individualized education plan) finished.  I'm still waiting on the official meeting and more testing, but I'm hopeful that Carsten will start school this fall!  He will most likely be at an elementary school that has a special needs preschool program 5 days a week in the morning.  He is so wanting to talk and babbles more and more and his sign language vocabulary keeps increasing.  I'm really hoping that this is the year he will take off with language and eating.

Our baby boy turned 3 on July 17th!  We had a little birthday party for him two weekends ago.  Lots of kids running around, spongebob pinata, cupcakes, the works.  My good friend Sarah and her family even came to visit from Illinois, what a treat that was.

Today is Miss Chloe's 6 month birthday!  She is quite a delight to watch grow as she is babbling a little bit now, rolling everywhere, laughing, and watching every move her big brother makes!  It's so much fun seeing their relationship develop.

Other than that, we are excited to be in DC and so thankful to have friends around this year.  I am meeting new moms every week at therapy and praying a little group will develop between some of us.  Chad and I have been to a church the last few weeks that we have really enjoyed called Fairfax Community Church.  We tried the mega church McLean Bible (I will save that experience for another blog:)  We will prayerfully see where it goes but I'm hoping we've found a spiritual home.  Hope this finds all of you enjoying your summer!  After two summers in Atlanta and now here in Virginia with record highs I hate to say it but I'm ready for some nice fall weather!  I was so hot yesterday running both kids around everywhere I told Chad to just go ahead and sign us up for Alaska next, ha!  I'm obviously not so much into blogging at this time in my life but I will try to update and post pics when I can (i.e. if the kids are ever both fed, asleep, and/or happy at the same time which is rare but nothing is impossible with God right?