Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're not in "Ar"kansas anymore Toto!

Recipe for a Military Wife:
1 1/2 cups patience
2 Tablespoons elbow grease
1 pound of courage
1 cup tolerance
dash of adventure

Marinate frequently with salty tears and pour off excess fat. Sprinkle ever so lightly with money, kneading dough well until payday. Season with international spices. Bake for twenty years or until done:) Serve with pride!

A very appropriate recipe I found this weekend while touring our new residence in Fort Leavenworth. We were quite surprised by how different the actual post was from our expectations. I discovered that it is the OLDEST post west of the Missouri! Actually, the place would be pretty nice if they would just spend a little time mowing (the weeds were about 3 feet high everywhere!) Also, it is right next to the federal penitentiary and when I say "next to" I mean you could play catch with the prisoners from your backyard!

All in all, we are looking forward to this adventure and I'm so proud of Chad that he got selected to go. Out of 800 army selected, there were 40 from the national guard! The positive things are that it will be easy to make friends since they are all there for the same reason, it is close to Kansas City, they have so many activities to offer, and we did find one mexican restaurant that we can go to off the post!

Now we just need to get our house on the market and say our good-byes. Back to being a mommy, I really need to baby proof our house, Carsten is on the other side of the living room getting into all of daddy's gadget wires!!! Gotta run... will post more pics soon I promise..

Momma Bridges