Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I wa Babuuuus"

Yep!  This is what I heard come out of Carsten's mouth last Monday at speech therapy, "I want bubbles!"
Some of the first words I've ever heard my little boy speak, can you say tears please?!!!  He also said "apple" and "blow".  "Dada" is an everyday occurrence now around 6:00 when the outside door handle starts to turn.
And let me tell you he sure isn't going to let his sister get away with saying anything if by golly he doesn't try to say it too!  So yes, many things have been happening at the Bridges house, many good things:)

I wrote this little poem Monday after I heard him talk

 My son said bubbles today,
it nearly took my breath away.
I never thought tears would come from such a simple phrase,
but this is the pure way of God.
A gift he's given if I just open my eyes to see.
You may just think its a delay,
but I see miracles like this everyday.
So much joy from simplicity,
an innocence only heaven knows,
but I've been given a glimpse
inside Kingdoms gate,
through the mouth of my babe.    

Cman eating update

Wow!  Three posts in one afternoon!  This is what happens when you take your kids to a splash water park in the morning and (secretly) wear them out, ha ha mommies are so tricky :)  Quick update on Carsten's eating.  His new feeding therapist is absolutely wonderful!!  She is actually trying to feed him verses past therapists that never get much beyond the chewy tubes.  Last Monday he ate about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on crackers.  He is eating blueberries at home now with a little help getting them to the side to chew them.  He is eating cheeto puffs on his own pretty much!  This is BIG ya'll and God has brought us so far!  Even though we still have so far to go there is hope and we are encouraged with the progress.  He is now drinking all of his milk through a straw (with a little encouragement) and I no longer have to manually give him drinks.  He is still on pureed food which I have to blend daily and feed him but I am just recently adding a "snack" to his meals like 15 blueberries or 2 pieces of graham crackers.  I think once the skills come the challenge is going to be programming him to actually like and/or want food.  I believe he knows now when his body needs water and will drink quite a bit throughout the day, but the food part will be harder.  So, big big progress and much to be excited about but also a journey ahead of us.  I have to look at it like a marathon, it is long and sometimes slow but we WILL get to the finish line!  I often tear up thinking about the day that Carsten can finally eat on his own and how amazing it will be to look back and see God's faithfulness and I pray I will NEVER take for granted the simple things such as going through a drive through or flying on an airplane, or going to the beach and being able to just throw him a banana, I believe it will come to pass!
Please keep praying for our little guy as the Lord brings him to mind, he is a miracle in the making!   

Growing roots

The dark roots in my hair are not the only roots that have been growing lately.  I'm feeling my roots grow down deeper into this city, this life, these friends, Carsten's schools, his therapies, church, our beautiful little lake I get to walk the kids around everyday, and pretty much everything about this place.  And being a military wife (and a follower of Christ in general), this is NOT good!  I just feel like it is and has been an answer to so many prayers after a year of drought in Atlanta where I didn't have many friends or outlets.  I confessed this to Chad the other day and he pretty much told me I better not water my tree quite as much so that my roots don't continue to grow because we could and can be uprooted at any time.  Well, I understand his advice, but I'm going to continue to drink the water from this tree in faith.  I'm going to take hold of the blessings He has given and try, somehow to hold them loosely, ready to be replanted at any time.  I have seen that God is faithful even in the droughts and that water is always coming if you can just hold on in your thirst.  So I will drink in the blessings and the water He has given and I will drink enough to keep me going during the next drought.  I will let my roots grow and delight in it knowing that if I am torn up from this ground that there is another sturdy ground waiting to take me and nourish me.  It might not always be the kind of soil I want but it will always be the kind of soil that my soul needs.  As for now, I'm simply thankful for the kind of soil He has provided and pray that I, in return, can be a life giving tree in this place.        


Girls night!!  Oh yeah, it actually happened and here's the proof!!  We were seriously investigating a chocolate shop in the city to make sure it would be a prime spot for a wedding shower we're throwing.  After we were forced to try the wine and chocolates we decided it would be the perfect venue.  Can you see how giddy I am?  Chocolate, friends, wine, city, even iced hot chocolate drinks, it doesn't get any better, especially when you've been cleaning poop diaper after poop diaper in the suburbs all day.  Thanks hun for watching the kiddos!  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Schools out!

School is officially out for the summer and Cman is done with his first year of preschool at Cardinal Forest! We had to say goodbye to our favorite teacher Mrs. Ginger because Carsten will go to another elementary school next year called Kings Park. He was supposed to go there this year but they were full. And as it always happens, we (or should I say I) became attached to Mrs Ginger and now I don't want him to change schools. So in a desperate last minute attempt I tried to find another house in the Cardinal Forest school district but it just wasn't going to happen so I said my teary goodbyes and now off we go to start a new adventure next year. Now I am excited about Kings Park and have heard rave reviews, but we sure will miss Mrs Ginger, a southern military transplant like us that loves the Lord and sees her profession as a calling not just a job, oh how we were (are) blessed.
Carsten wrote Mrs Ginger a little goodbye poem for the last day :)
I love my teacher Mrs Ginger,
I am very sad that we have to part.
She was my first you see and she gave me a head start.
She taught me to eat, and talk, and play,
with her I had so much fun everyday.
She encouraged me and pushed me to learn,
I got better at waiting and taking my turn.
Many teachers will come and go,
But you will always hold a special place in my heart I know!