Sunday, February 27, 2011

NOT playing catch up

So okay yes it has been four months since I updated our blog, oops!  I do apologize to our faithful bridgesbunch blog readers (all two of you probably:)  We have been crazy busy and enjoying our new life here in Virginia so I guess it's a good thing I haven't been blogging.  We had a crazy marathon Christmas in Dallas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas visiting family. We have also had visits here from my parents and Chad's family so we are just about experts with the "dc tour" by now and I can even tell you what and where the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monuments are!:)  
Let's see, my big boy Carsten started school!!!  He is in an afternoon preschool class four days a week and is thriving beautifully.  He is loving it and has lots of "girl"friends that Miss Ginger his teachers says "asks for him" constantly when he's gone:)  Chloe turned one on February 11th, unbelievable right!  She is walking around everywhere and even saying some words, "dadda" is a favorite.  Her and her brother are smitten with each other as long as she isn't playing with one of HIS toys.  Carsten has been trying to talk and has said dada and bye bye in the last week!  Chloe is turning out to be quite the little signer as well and is learning new ones everyday.  Carsten has started with a new feeding therapist last week who I am VERY excited about and anxious to see some progress with.  He has made a little progress just seeing the kids eat at school but feeding is still a struggle and he is still on a pureed diet.  He had a new set of tubes put in his ears at Walter Reed Medical Center a couple of weeks ago and an adenoid revision, we're hoping will open out his ears and assist in his hearing and speech for more progress.    
We are settled into our routines here, loving our suburb Burke, and enjoying having some military friends around.  We love our church Fairfax community church and host a small group that Chad facilitates on Wednesday nights.  The Lord has given me a great friend Erica who is in our small group and also has a son with a disability.  We are incredibly blessed here and I will definitely be sad to say goodbye to this place when that day comes, but I'm not even thinking about that now and hoping it's still far off.  There are so many other things I want to do and get involved in, however, my days are pretty much just filled up with these two little wonderfully and fearfully made creations and when my head hits the pillow at night, it hits it hard!  Chad is enjoying his job and is working with national guard units all over the country that are deploying to Afghanistan, proud military wife here as always!  Well that's about it for us for now, I will try to be a better blogger but I'm not making any promises.  I even signed off of facebook (gasp!) temporarily, I guess I just felt like I couldn't keep up with all of the online "obligations" so I'm taking a little break but I will be back to blog again hopefully before summer, ha!  We miss all of our Arkansas folk!  

Hugs from the "southern" east coasters!