Monday, March 29, 2010

Here ya go

One of my very hilarious, cute, and successful attempts at stealing some attention away from my sister!

This is what happens in the target cart when we refuse to take a nap at home!

Daddy giving me a much needed break!

Miss Priss and her first smiles!

Four Words

IN OVER MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do miss you my blogger friends.  I apologize for my lack of blogs lately as I've been buried in diapers, crying, eating, throwing up, sleep, (or lack thereof) guarding the infant from her overzealous sibling, and dinner making.  Yep, that's about it these days plus or minus a few things including my own daily showering:)

One day I will see you again I promise, hopefully sooner rather than later when more of a normal routine sets in.  Right now Chloe is taking up pretty much all of my time.  We are struggling with colic, constant breastfeeding, and what we'll call a VERY "high maintenance" little girl.  I can barely set her down during the day or she'll scream her head off, will not take a pacifier.  It's like her internal alarm goes off when she's not physically touching me or her dad and she doesn't like it!  This is all new territory for me and confirms the fact that Carsten was literally an angel when he was a baby.  Not so much these days however, he's having a hard time adjusting to sharing all the attention and he lets me know it pretty much all day long with his screaming and crying.  On top of this we are getting ready to PCS (move) in June to DC and trying to find a house and getting things in order.  So thank you for your continued prayers for our growing family and I hope to blog more in the future.  I will keep putting pictures up when I can.  And I promise the birth announcements are on their way so be looking in the mail!!! 

(For some reason I can't get pictures to download right now so I'll post them later)



Monday, March 1, 2010

Flying solo with 2!

It's my first official day as a mom of two!  My parents left yesterday afternoon and Chad went to work this morning, that leaves me ALONE and RESPONSIBLE for two children, yikes!!!  I have to say it's going smoother than I suspected, I've even taken a shower already and we're headed out to the pediatrician at 4:30.  However, you might as well call my new role the "diaper changer" or "feeder" because that's literally ALL I do!  I seriously have to give good ole' Octamom and Duggar mom some credit here, I don't know how they do it!  I think since last night I've changed at least 20 diapers.  This is going to be crazy but fun, I am so blessed!  Will post new pics soon!