Friday, August 28, 2009

KKI - feeding clinic

We just got word from our case manager that the inpatient feeding clinic in Baltimore has been APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you can imagine me with the biggest happy face and many happy tears that is how I look right now!  We had almost given up but we decided to try once again here in the Tricare south region and it looks like it might work out.  Waiting on a call from the KKI people for a date and they still have to negotiate prices but it is looking VERY positive!  Please continue to PRAY for this, it has been a long road and much battling and the relief Chad and I feel is indescribable.  I just pray that so many others will be able to go with Tricare insurance as well.  I will post more details as they come but we're hoping to be there this fall! 

A VERY HAPPY Momma Bridges

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Panama City Beach!!

We took a little trip down to PCB a couple of weeks ago. We're so close this year we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Nana came with us and we all four had a great time!! Carsten loved the sand this year and he might as well be a fish he likes the water so much! We were blessed to have our AC breakdown the first night and got upgrated to a beach front condo, ha!!
Nana even watched Carsten one night so Chad and I could go out on a much needed date. It was a great trip! Enjoy the pics.

More PCB pics

Panama City Beach!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bridges Update

So I've been slacking on my blogs lately. I kind of wanted to just let that last one sink in a little before I posted another one:) I can't believe this is week 12 of pregnancy for me:) I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm anxious to hear the heartbeat. Our due date is February 24th. Carsten is very excited to be a big brother let me tell you. We got to babysit a sweet little 6 week old boy last week and it was fun to watch how Carsten responded. He was just STARING that baby down in my arms let me tell you and he was NOT happy about it! He would look at Chad, then look at me and try to climb up and sit right next to me, hmmmm, I think someone was JEALOUS!:)

We had a fun week last week with Carsten, Chad, Nana, and I. We went to Panama City Beach for a few days and it was a blast. The weather was perfect and it couldn't have been a nicer break. I will post some pics from that a little later.

Other than that, I'm still struggling to get Carsten started with all his therapies, this has been a very hard move for us in that respect. The services are slim in the area and the therapists are not recommending a frequency I'm happy with. Our case manager is still working on a feeding clinics other than KKI. There is one here in Atlanta and one in Florida that she's looking into so we'll see how that goes. I'm praying/thinking about putting Carsten in a two day Mother's Day out program at a local church here in Stockbridge. He's been doing really good at the church nursery on Sundays, loves it actually, (I cried when I saw his first little craft that he made in there, what a great feeling as a mother:) and I think he would really enjoy being around some other kids for a little more during the week. So the program is Tuesday and Wed from 9-12, nothing huge but gives me a chance to do some errands and him have some fun. I've got to call today to see if they'll take him (the last church said they weren't "equipped") so I'm praying that works out.

That's about it for us. I'm feeling really good so far. Had a little morning sickness at first and my main symptom was EXHAUSTION. I literally couldn't stay awake during the day. But I'm past that now and feeling great. We don't know if we'll find out the sex yet. We didn't want to know with Carsten but ended up finding out so we might wait this time:) However, I am craving the traditional pickles and ice cream, hmmmm:) Anyway, so fun I get to blog through this pregnancy, we didn't have the blog before Carsten. We would REALLY appreciate any prayers offered up for Baby Bridges B and for Momma and Daddy Bridges to have calm hearts trusting and thanking the Lord for His GOOD gifts:) Toodles for now.