Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Family Pics

Here are some pics from Easter weekend. Had our first "real" outing as a family of four, went to Stone Mountain on Friday and broke out the ole double stroller, talk about working off those pregnancy pounds I told Chad they should use those things for PT tests in the military! Saturday was the egg hunt in our neighborhood, thanks to me and my awesome gadget abilities none of which got recorded, I swear I thought the play button was on, total Kari move. Anyway, Carsten fanned out better this time, he managed to retain his easter basket and even got about 10 eggs with the help of his dad of course:) Church Sunday and Chloe's big debut, notice she's looking at her crazy brother in our pics, I couldn't get her to look forward but she was a doll I can testify. We did our best with our automatic camera, makes you really miss extended family on these special days. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Real meaning of Easter

Wow, surprised to find this article on Easter on FoxNews website.

Easter at the Kids Spot

Carsten had his first Easter celebration today at his little gym The Kids Spot. He goes every Thursday for a moms day out program, he loves it and I really love it! Today the Easter bunny was there and they had a little egg hunt, we had ample practice yesterday in the living room so he was ready to go! He found about 5 eggs until another little boy stole his basket, oh well. It was fun and the first time Carsten has gotten within arms reach of a big character in a costume so big big progress for him, yeah! Maybe next year we'll actually get a picture with Santa:) Chloe was there all dressed up and bows in her hair. It was a fun morning and now Cman should be ready for the egg hunt Saturday in our neighborhood. (wow I can't believe I've blogged two days in a row) Enjoy!