Monday, November 24, 2008

Week of craziness

The madness all started last Wednesday night around 1200AM. Chad sat up in bed and said "I don't feel very good!" Then I heard Carsten crying and throwing up in his room almost the exact same time! They were both sick all weekend with vomiting, chills, fever. I took Carsten to the doctor on Thursday to some guy that wasn't his usual doctor, my first mistake! This crazy guy gave him a shot of antibiotic and then sent us to the hospital to get a urinalysis (since Carsten has a history of urinary tract infections and he had a high fever, 104!) Well, the people at the lab said why in the heck did they give him that shot before the UA, now we're not going to know what or if he had an infection. I was flaming at this point and mind you Chad is still at home on the couch vomiting. I got fed up finally and left the hospital with the bag still on Carsten's you know what waiting for him to pee! I took the sample back later and never even found out if he had anything, the doctor never called us back!

Chad was feeling better by Friday but then he pulled his back out picking up a pumpkin outside our house! He went back to school that morning and I was still exhausted from two days of no sleep with sick boys. I'm running up and down the stairs trying to get ready for Carsten's music therapist (which wasn't even coming by the way) and I slipped and fell down the stairs! Yep, landed flat on my back and hit my head really hard and blacked out for a couple of minutes. I finally could see enough to go outside thinking that if I passed out for good maybe someone would see me. I stumbled down to my neighbors house who is a nurse leaving Carsten in the house alone. She got another friend to get Carsten then we called Chad out of class and had our second trip to the ER for the week! I'm sure the doctor thinks we're a bunch of crazy loony hypocondriacs! He didn't even do any xrays, said I might have cracked a rib and had a mild concussion.

This was probably the hardest week we've had since we moved here and I'm SO glad its coming to a close. Carsten is still sick with diarrhea and not sleeping at night because of vomiting but he's definitely better than he was. We're still all really tired and SO ready for Thanksgiving and a break! I feel like its one thing after another with our little family and keep asking what's going to be next? Please pray that we would be free from illnesses and setbacks for a while. Carsten hasn't eaten anything since he got sick last Wednesday so naturally I'm pretty discouraged. On a more positive note, he did drink some water from a sippy cup a few times this weekend so that was exciting.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

The Bridges

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 16 month birthday Carsten!!

It's Carsten's 16 month birthday today! I forgot to take a picture and he's already asleep, oops:) I'll try to take one tomorrow. Don't worry, he's still just as cute as the last one:)

Today Carsten stood up at the couch and cruised all the way to the other side!! He's eating much better in the last couple of days, has eaten a blended pear, mashed potatoes, blended pasta, banana, and more! We've decided he is done with baby foods and ready for big people food. Tomorrow we have a speech evaluation in Kansas City and then feeding therapy. He is still babbling but no words yet. I think the best day of my life will be when he says momma!! I can't wait. We're so proud of him and everything he's doing. Happy 16 month birthday C-man, we love you!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

San Antonio Trip!!

The compass has spoken! That was our theme for Jessica and I's weekend getaway to San Antonio last weekend. We had a blast by the way! The whole theme came about when we got lost in Tulsa and were trying to find our hotel. I convinced Jessica that we were going North because I said, "I have a compass in my head, trust me:)!! Well, apparently my compass was malfunctioning at the time because we found out we were going east and west instead! Oops:) Usually, I have a VERY good sense of direction, just ask Chad:)

Jess's sister Melissa picked us up at the airport in San Antonio and we had a little girls weekend together, something that was WAY past due for me. We shopped, had margaritas, got massages, walked along the riverwalk, and ate at lots of yummy restaurants. My mom kept Carsten for the weekend who woke up every night about 6 times because he was still recovering from surgery:) Ha, thanks mom, I'm glad I wasn't there! Thanks BFF and BFF sister, I can't wait for next year!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We're Home!!

We're back from his surgery! Everything went great and it seemed like a breeze compared to our last hospital stay:) The surgeon said that the cyst in Carsten's throat was about 3mm wide, which is pretty wide when you're talking about a person that already has a small airway due to Down Syndrome. He also took out both adenoids/tonsils and put tubes in both ears. When they brought him out to us he was sitting up in a hospital bed so out of it, it was so sad but cute!

Carsten was pretty fussy last night and we were reminded of how hard it is being in the hospital, we're very thankful to be home. Thanks for all your prayers, please continue to pray that he heals fast and we see significant improvement in his breathing/eating. We have already noticed that Carsten didn't gag up all his usual mucous/drainage today (sorry gross I know). I will try to feed him tomorrow and see how it goes, he needs to keep swallowing to get over the soreness.

Love to all,
Momma Bridges