Monday, February 11, 2008

Carsten's Dedication

Hi Everyone,

We had a pretty busy week last week. I am now a proud wife of a Major! (That would make me a Lieutenant Colonel by the way). Chad had his promotion ceremony on Friday and is now officially Major Bridges. There were tons of people at the ceremony and lots of family came in to see him. I had to pin him during the ceremony which was quite interesting. I didn't know exactly what to do and Chad said that I stood there at attention like a soldier the whole time:) After the ceremony, I threw him a party at our house. Then Sunday, we dedicated Carsten at church!! It was a very special day and of course we both cried. The verse we picked out for him was Revelation 4:11 "You are worthy our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being." Carsten has started to memorize it but it will probably take him a while to get it down:) We picked this one because we feel like the Lord has created Carsten for a specific purpose on this earth and we are both very proud to be his parents and watch him grow to fulfill that purpose. Thank you for supporting and loving us during the good and bad times. Many of my friends seem to be pregnant right now. In particular, you can pray for my friend Amy who is pregnant and came down with the flu. That can be scary and I'm sure miserable to be sick and pregnant. Please pray for a speedy recovery and protection for the baby. Back to being a mommy and will post again soon!
Momma Bridges

You know you're a mom when

You Know You're a Mom When:
You spend all day feeding, changing diapers, and removing snot and other bodily substances
You have to do at least 2 loads of laundry a day to keep clean throw up rags
You maybe have taken a shower by 4o'clock
You are on a playmat in one spot ALL DAY
You are starved for human conversation when your husband gets home
You're house is a constant tornado site
You've never been so happy when you're husband gets home and you can have a break and do something for yourself
All day is centered around getting him to take a nap!
Getting ready to go someplace like church is a two hour ordeal
You're car won't start because you haven't driven ANYWHERE in so long:)
You're constantly putting your baby back on his tummy when he rolls over so his head doesn't get flat in the back
You are SO excited when family comes for the weekend because you know they will help out
You are constantly wiping a runny nose
You are always saying "NO" and he has no idea what you're talking about
You are always waiting in a some waiting room to see some doctor and you don't even know what was accomplished afterwards
You are the happiest person in the world when you get your baby to smile and laugh
You're favorite part of the day is the morning when you get to snuggle with your baby in the bed
You get to show your baby off to other moms:)
You are so proud of your baby for the smallest things like babbling and rolling over
You wouldn't change a thing or take your life back before you had him:)
You are blogging instead of being a mom and doing housework:)

Have a great day!
Love to all,
Momma Bridges